A4 Art Museum is actively recruiting volunteers for various long-term projects, including Audience Research Group, Activity Support Group, Exhibition Setup Group, Guided Tour Group, On-site Support Group, and more.

We look forward to having you join us!



Guided Tour Group

Embark on an extraordinary journey through exhibitions: Become a tour guide!

When you’ve memorized countless pages of tour scripts and delve into the spiritual world of artists, exploring their lives and creative backgrounds independently, you naturally resonate with them infinitely.

Xiangyi, a volunteer tour guide, says: “As a contemporary art enthusiast, I feel incredibly fortunate to be a volunteer tour guide at A4 Art Museum. Thus, while providing tour services for visitors, during my solitary moments in the exhibition halls, I can more deeply experience the emotions of artists and artworks, feeling that two hearts from different times and spaces beat at the same frequency. I’ve discovered that amidst life’s anxieties, there exists the power of tranquility, beauty, and warmth.”




Audience Research Group

This sounds like quite a profound project. What secrets does it hold?

Let’s hear what Yue Yue, a volunteer in this specialized group, has to say: “Viewing an exhibition from different perspectives—through the eyes of the curator, through my own eyes, and through the eyes of the audience.”

Volunteer researchers in the audience research group conduct interviews with visitors after they’ve experienced an exhibition, listening to and understanding the perspectives of the audience. Volunteers serve as a bridge between the audience and the curatorial team, ensuring that valuable information is effectively communicated.




Activity Support Group

The art museum hosts countless and diverse activities! From public education events to exhibition activities, festivals, and opening ceremonies.

Volunteers, as vital members, are active and busy at various event venues. Together, they gain friendships, sweat, joy, and inspiration.

Qingya, a volunteer at the 2023 A4AB Art Book Fair, says: “Participating in the book fair is like a small cluster of fireworks blooming on a quiet night. I’ve encountered many different life stories, experiences, and reflections, all drawn in by its fascinating charm. I’ve learned many inspiring skills in dealing with matters. I’m so lucky to have met A4 this spring!”




Exhibition Setup Group

For those curious about how an exhibition comes together, joining the Exhibition Setup Group is a must. Watching the exhibition gradually take shape is akin to opening a blind box, with an uncontainable sense of curiosity and excitement permeating through the hearts of the setup team members.

Volunteer Xiaoze says: “Participating closely in the setup for the first time brought me many new experiences and led me to meet three artists and new friends. Viewing artworks and art pieces from different perspectives, including being involved in the creative process, has given me a wealth of feelings—fresh, interesting, and bringing forth many new ideas and thoughts.”




On-Site support group

During our 8th iSTART Children’s Art Festival, numerous volunteers, proudly wearing the titles of “Mushroom Diplomats” and “Mushroom Prophets,” made shining appearances.

Volunteer Rock Mushroom says: “This volunteering experience has brought me a lot of rewards. For instance, I’ve gained countless moments of joy here. I’m someone who tends to be a bit socially anxious, but this volunteering opportunity has made me more outgoing. I open up and communicate with the audience sincerely and happily, helping them with game questions. I’ve also gained friendships; I’ve met many volunteers here who share similar interests, and interacting with them has made my world more colorful.”




Volunteer Exclusive Activities

Our volunteer partners at the art museum aren’t all about work, work, work. They also have plenty of leisure and entertainment activities tailored just for them.

Spring is the perfect time for a picnic, so we grab our snack baskets and head in a grand procession to the lakeside under the shade of trees, kicking off our picnic time together~




Become a volunteer at A4 and start your journey of art and friendship!

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