A4 Art Museum is a contemporary art institution devoted to stimulating creativity and connecting with a wider audience through art. The museum promotes new artistic practices and artist development, so that more people can participate in creating art. The museum brings viewers a range of diverse, high-quality contemporary art exhibitions, public programs, and research projects. A4 Art Museum currently has two sites. Situated on Lushan Avenue in Chengdu’s Tianfu New District, A4 Art Museum covers a total area of 4,200 square meters in Luxetown’s Tuscan-style Mountaintop Plaza. A4X Art Center is housed in a building designed by noted American architect Antoine Predock, located within the Luxelakes Eco-city complex on Chengdu’s Tianfu Avenue.

A4 Art Museum was founded in 2008 by Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Co., Ltd. In 2016, the museum formally registered as a non-profit and, in 2023, the main A4 Art Museum moved from Luxelakes into a building in Luxetown renovated by Tektonn Architects. Led by founding director Sunny Sun, A4 Art Museum has continued to develop the art scene in southwestern China, expand connections between international and local communities, and promote the development of community art. The museum has launched annual children’s and public education programs with an emphasis on social justice, public participation, and socialized education. The museum has worked with nearly 500 artists from around the world, more than 40 curators, and 28 institutions and foundations to host over 80 contemporary art exhibitions, including the Southwestern Art Program, the Young Artist Experimental Season, the Young Curators Program, the Luxelakes Public Art Festival, and the iSTART Children’s Art Festival. A4 Public Education continues to connect ideas through creativity. Employing broad-based social mobilizations, participatory designs, co-creation between social groups, and visitor research, the department has built a rich and diverse array of public programs, which promote the study and practice of socialized education. To date, the museum has hosted nearly 2,000 events for more than 500,000 visitors from around the world, connecting and cultivating the over 1,000 core co-creation partners and members of creator groups that make up A4’s community networks.

With the support of investors in 2023, A4 Art Museum is putting “new art museum” into practice, while continuing to connect people through art and activate creativity. Building on the original A4 Art Museum’s reputation, the new A4 Art Museum group includes four brands. First, A4 Art Museum is dedicated to fostering exchange between the local and international art scenes and promoting the development of the artistic ecosystems of southwestern China. Through participatory exhibitions and a rich array of public education programs, the museum promotes the development of new art forms. Second, A4 Kids focuses on children’s creativity, devoting to offering creative, socialized education to more children and fostering a future-facing educational environment. Third, A4 Residency is an open, multi-disciplinary collaborative platform enacted through artist residencies. Supported by local culture and opportunities for international collaboration, A4 Residency explores the diverse cultural value of communities, cities, and nations. Finally, A4X Art Center is a creative center that activates connections between disciplines, offering endless innovative possibilities for culture, art, fashion, and design.

In the future, A4 Art Museum will continue to focus on people. Through art exhibitions and public programs, the museum brings art into everyday life and encourages closer connections between people through the power of art, so that visitors become partners and co-creators in the building of a museum community that belongs to everyone.