Dr. sophia Kidd

Art Curation, Art Criticism, Publishing

Basic profile

Associate Researcher at Wenxin College, Sichuan University, Lectur-er at Sichuan University of Foreign Languages, Lecturer at the Uni-versity of Göttingen, Germany, and Lecturer at the Ruhr-UniversitatBochum. Founder of NUANCE Culture and Art, Director of lgneusPress, Editor of the journal“Literature and Modern China”, WenxinCollege, Sichuan University. Dr. Sophia Kidd is a research curator, art critic, translator and writer who has lived and worked in Chengdu for over ten years, working closely with Chinese scholars, artists and experts in the field of art, and actively facilitating exchanges between them and their counterparts abroad. She has recently published a monograph,“Culture Paving the New Silk Road”(Palgrave Press,2022), as well as a chapter in Studies in “Chinese Spatial Literature(Palgrave, 2023), and she edited “Coffee Review: China Special, an English translation of a wide range of modern poetry from southwest China”, particularly from the Sichuan and Chongqing regions