Zhou Hoho

Sculpture, Installation, lmage, Costume

Basic profile

Chinese artist. Her works include sculptures, installations, images, costumes, etc. Hoho especially likes the three-dimensional, real and touchable unknown objects. The more you touch the unknown in your mind, the more you want to fully present your inner world. Bor-rowing a sentence from “The Three-Body Problem”: “Feeling the sense of high dimensional space is a baptism of soul. At that moment, concepts like freedom, openness, profundity and infnity suddenly have a new meaning.“That which is above form is called theWay / Tao; that which is beneath form is called a thing.” All techniques, all artworks and all exhibitions are “forms”, just like the primordial matrix. lt is always hoped that the artworks can show the diversity of power within various times and spaces, enter into different stages of creation, trigger emotion and thinking, and present the sensible unknown on a small scale. Courage is born from the heart, and turns into light and shade, just like the fluctuation of times and spaces and the flowing life.