Store Operations Specialist

  • Job Category : Administrative Operations Department
  • Location : Chengdu, LuxeHill
  • People : 1
  • Date : 24.04.14

Administrative Operations Department

Store Operations Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the overall sales operations and management of the art store, including training of goods and staff, operational scheduling, etc. Submit a sales plan monthly in accordance with sales targets and achieve related performance.
In charge of maintaining the store image and adjusting displays; manage on-site customer reception and communication to promote sales conversion.
Handle back-end product management and product listings, including daily updates and customer service responses for the official online store; ensure timely delivery and stock updates, conduct periodic inventory checks, and coordinate restocking.
Coordinate store ledger management, responsible for monthly reconciliation with finance, and complete quarterly business data analysis for the store.
Based on sales targets and product conditions, conduct market research and analysis, and complete planning and implementation of related product activities.
Assist in completing special brand activities for the store and related channel development tasks.
Handle other transactional tasks, including organizing internal administrative documents and handling temporary tasks assigned by superiors.
We hope you:

Have a bachelor’s degree or higher, strong logical thinking and data analysis skills, and attention to detail. Preference given to candidates with retail and project-based job experience.
Are passionate about the arts and lifestyle industries, with some industry knowledge and aesthetic sense.
Possess strong verbal communication skills, good at communicating, team-spirited, cooperative, and responsible.
Are proficient in using OFFICE software with strong information coordination skills.
Are proactive with a sense of personal development, strong stress tolerance, and organizational planning skills are preferred.
Application Method:

Send resumes (including various documents) to the email;

Email subject: “Full-Time/Internship Position Name + Name + Phone Number”

Attachment name: “Full-Time/Internship Position Name + Name + Phone Number” Please compile into a single PDF file (*Note: For positions requiring a portfolio, do not forget to attach the portfolio).