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2023A4 Art Book Fair

  • Duration
  • Venue
    LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum
  • Organizer
    A4 Art Museum


A4AB is an annual public project initiated by A4 Art Museum in 2022 with “book” as its core. By establishing a focused dialogue with the art publishing industry, creative groups and the general public in China and abroad, the museum is committed to exploring the value and public nature of art creation in the context of contemporary art. The project also aims to promote the popularization of art and cross-cultural exchanges in southern China, establish a consensus and active art creation attitude, and build an effective relationship network and systematic support platform for diversified creators.

A4 Art Book Fair 2023 received a total of 182 groups/position of exhibitors’ submissions from 25 domestic provinces/municipalities/overseas, and 77 exhibitors were finally selected and participated in the ‘Reading Square’ section on the first floor. It is worth noting that on top of last year’s 3-floor exhibition hall space, this year’s special outdoor exhibition area by the lake was also added.

  • 2023 A4AB Working Group:

    Project Responsible: Tian Naiwei
    Branding: Ophelia
    Project Coordinator: Song Huiren, Dong Kexin, Zhang Yunyue
    Exhibition Execution: Ren Shuyi, Ouyang Yu, Ye Xiang
    Visual Design: Lv Lei
    Column Editor: Huang Yishu
    Video Shooting: Irene Zhang
    Research Specialist: Tan Hao Yu
    Special Thanks: Gogi Yixin, Dalion, Wang Mingze, Xia Yufan, Li Yuanyuan

    Exhibition Collaboration: Cross Collaborative
    Brand Visualization: Sunday Morning Studio