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A RE-CREATE | 2023 Creative Gathering —— Keep in Touch

  • Annual Creative Gathering
    Exhibition · Studio Open House · Concerts · A RE-SALON (Super Session) · Creation Series Screening · Sharing Sessions · Study · Terrace Party


The first “A RE-CREATE Creative Gathering” will serve as an annual milestone, reviewing the rich content of the A4 Residency throughout the year, and bringing together imaginative and action-oriented individuals through exhibitions, artists’ open studios, live music, screenings, sharing, parties and other forms, linking up with community, business, art, life and other sections, Art, life and other sections, to explore a new scenario of creation and activate the infinite possibilities of life in the neighborhood.

On-site, artists-in-residence from China, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Korea and other countries and regions will join Chengdu’s local creators in face-to-face exchanges with the public. As the first concentrated voice after the transformation of A4 Residency Art Center in 2023, we will present an ensemble based on different creators, performers, writers, discussants, sharers, listeners, and supporters, who are idiosyncratic and living, focused and loose, who are very different and who are very similar, and who will continue to share and discuss in these 4 days, presenting different values and paths of thinking through a series of art projects and public actions. We will continue to share and discuss in these 4 days, showing different values and paths of thinking, through a series of art projects and public actions to weave a network of life belonging to each other.

It includes personal creation, which is also generating and connecting with external voices, the language and memory of others. Such a process contains important people and events, and it may be given in those special objects and arrangements during which people enjoy the atmosphere and time while conveying different stories.

“Keep in touch, like we’ve done any time before!”

  • About Theme

    “Hey, it’s been a long time, how are you?”

    In this era of separation, getting together seems so precious. A landline, a yellow page, those plain and simple contacts, gradually replaced by fast-paced communication. We are like magnetic poles that are about to lose their magnetism, attracted by the slightest touch and disconnected if we are not careful, losing the patience to stop and stay in the frequency of approaching and moving away.

    Today, when we talk about “keep in touch” we can’t help but miss those moments of delay and slowing down. In those days, we were willing to flip through thick guidebooks, untangle tangled and curled phone cords, and carefully recognize each other’s voices amidst the distorted audio and electrical noise; we memorized the same string of numbers, trusting and asking for customer service responses on the other end of the line; we waited anxiously by the phone, coming to a fixed location and hogging an adjacent seat just to be the first to receive a call from a faraway location…… Staying connected is a habit we have long forgotten.

    The landline, the yellow pages, the phone book. This year, “A RE-CREATE Creative Gathering” hopes to use the phone lines to link up the memories we have scattered around the community for more than ten years, and to bring back the habit of “keep in touch”.

    Even if we are on the phone now, we will continue to call back from the world even if we are on the phone later.

  • About A RE-CREATE

    “A RE-CREATE Residency Creative Gathering” is a comprehensive project initiated by A4 Residency Art Center, which is based on the residency program and serves as a platform for the exchange and connection of creative resources from around the world. As an annual milestone, it reviews the rich content of the residency throughout the year. Through various forms such as exhibitions, open studios for artists, live music, screenings, and sharing sessions, it gathers individuals with imagination and initiative once again, linking communities, businesses, art, and life, and jointly exploring new scenes of creation, activating the infinite possibilities of nearby life.

    In 2023, “A RE-CREATE Creative Gathering” will be themed “Keep in Touch”, inviting creators, activists, creative institutions, educators, community residents, and others from around the world to jointly define the rich meaning of “connection”. Whether it’s international fresh perspectives, interdisciplinary collaborative projects, or ongoing public engagement activities, A4 Residency has always practiced the concept of “open and continuous collaboration” over the past decade, promoting the deep integration of various fields with society. It looks forward to shaping an inclusive and vibrant innovation ecosystem on this experimental platform.

  • Time

    November 9 – November 12, 2023

  • Venue

    Main Venue

    A4 Residency Art Center, Luxezone, Chengdu, Sichuan

    Branch Venue

    The 10th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week (Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center)

    Capsule Plaza, Luxezone & SPACE LAB

    A4 Small Theater

    Luxe Library (Luxehill Pavilion)

    Virscend Education Parallel Exhibition Area

    SANTU GALLERY, Shanghai

  • Main Creative Team

    Director: Cai Liyuan

    Coordinators: Yi Weiting, Yao Xinyi

    New Media Editors: Liu Shujia, Guo Yiming, Liu Yunling

    Execution: Guo Yiming, Xu Ruoyan, Deng Manyuan, Liu Yawen, Qin Youcheng, Peng Dan, Zhao Ying, Lei Hanyu, He Siyuan, Zheng Quan

    Visual Design: firmfirm

    Exhibition Design: Cross Collaborative

    Construction Support: Tuoyue Culture