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Wang Di X Sun Li: The Art Museum as a Public Space for Civic Culture

  • Interlocutor:
    Wang Di
  • Interlocutor:
    Sunny Sun
  • Compere:
    Wang Yalei


From the ubiquitous teahouses lining the streets to the parks, squares, and cultural institutions of modern life, the public spaces for cultural activities of Chengdu citizens have continuously expanded and transformed over the past century. The ongoing cross-year exhibition “Chengdu” is an independently initiated exhibition by the A4 Art Museum, aimed at discussing how contemporary Chengduans initiate cultural events, construct cultural spaces, form cultural phenomena, and create a collaborative exhibition that derives from the cultural environment.

Renowned scholar Wang Di, serving as an exhibition advisor, will engage in a dialogue with Sun Li, the curator of the A4 Art Museum, on January 6th. This conversation will delve deeper into the changes and constants in the public consciousness and public spaces of Chengdu citizens over the decades, drawing from Wang Di’s lifelong focus on micro-cultural history and Sun Li’s participation in shaping the public art museum.


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