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A4 Lecture I: Perceiving Otherworldly Landscapes through Whispered Secrets—On the Intrigue of Color and the Crafting of Scenes

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    James Jean


Los Angeles, USA, and Chengdu, China are 11,575 kilometers apart—a utopia that sparks youthful energy and a haven of inclusivity that absorbs limitless creativity. What fascinating style will emerge from the fusion of these two places?

Artist James Jean is visiting China for the first time in recent years, with his first stop in the comfortable and relaxed Land of Abundance—Chengdu. Driven by curiosity, how will James bring his own story into the “Chengdu Scene”? Explore a surprising journey of cultural collision and create a magnetic field brimming with creative energy.

  • 01 Bridging the Language Gap—Public Tour with Artist James Jean

    Date: June 17th, 14:00 – 15:30

    “Is the falling little boy yourself?” “What are these things that look like noodles, masks, and tree stumps?” “The strong washed-out effect in ‘Derivative II,’ is it intentional or natural?”… Questions abound regarding “Endless Whirl II” and James Jean.

    This special artist-led tour will invite James Jean as the guide, offering participants a chance to interact closely with him. James will lead participants through an exploration of his works, opening up a dialogue, and guiding viewers through the dream-like worlds he has created.

    *The tour will be conducted in English with translation available on-site.

  • 02 Cross-Cultural Bridges—Artist James Jean x Young Artist Representative Zhang Zhaoying

    Date: June 17th, 15:45 – 16:45

    “I once heard that a person should start with truth and end with art. But conversely, if you start with art, you can still conclude with truth.”

    James Jean’s creative process often begins with what appears to be a simple yet profound “potential point” in the subconscious, balancing all elements on the canvas through constant editing, erasing, and redrawing. Form is essence, and his unique creative techniques also reveal the artist’s contemplations on society, cultural conflicts, universal cosmology, and mythological narratives, all set against the backdrop of a diverse civilizational process.

    On the afternoon of June 17th, A4 Art Museum will host Zhang Zhaoying, a prominent young artist representative from China, for a conversation. In Zhang’s recent artistic endeavors, images sourced from art history, news, advertising, films, novels, or any random origins are “appropriated,” “altered,” and reassembled to create scenes that are both familiar and uniquely alien. The two artists will discuss the intrigues of color and scene construction in the A4 Lecture Hall, exploring boundless imagination and desires within a transcendent real space and the landscapes witnessed firsthand. The event will also feature the launch of James Jean’s new book, “James Jean Eternal Spiral,” offering insights into every detail live at the venue.

  • Zhang Zhaoying

    Born in 1988 in Guangzhou, China.

    Graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a Bachelor’s degree in Oil Painting.

    Earned a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

    Currently a doctoral candidate at Macau University of Science and Technology.

    Teaches at the School of Arts and Humanities, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

    Serves as a master’s supervisor at Samyook University in South Korea.

    As a prominent artist born in the post-1985 era, his works are notably international in perspective, fully reflecting a spirit that transcends media, language, and eras. He has long been engaged in the study and practice of image history, reconstructing a “personal field” with a subversive narrative approach.

  • 03 Time-Space Encounter—James Jean's New Art Book Signing Event

    Date: June 17th, 16:45 – 18:00

    Important Information:

    To ensure fairness, the art book will only be available for purchase and signing at the event. Each collector may purchase up to 2 copies, with a limit of 300 copies available. Sales will end when sold out.
    The signing event is free to attend and does not require the purchase of an additional ticket. The timing of the signing will depend on the actual circumstances at the event.
    Purchase channels: The art book can be bought on-site during the signing event, or in advance through the official online store.