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Trigger: Performance Art Workshop

  • Date
    2023.09.12 - 09.16 10:00-17:00
  • Location
    A4 Art Museum, Basement Level 1, Exhibition Hall 1
  • Organizer
    A4 Art Museum
  • Mentor
    Zhou Bin
  • Teaching Assistants
    Song Huiren, Yang Junfeng


For the “Trigger” workshop, I have this vision:

An art museum space, a live exhibition; Seven to eight young artists; Five days, seven hours each day; Guided by a mentor, with equal exchange.

Through observation, explanation, discussion, and practice, the workshop aims to mobilize and trigger each individual’s unique perceptions, imagination, thinking, and actions, and to express them in unique ways. The workload is substantial, requiring full mental and physical focus, with concentrated attention.

The “Trigger” workshop has a clear course structure to ensure that each component is progressively unfolded and targeted to promote creativity and uniqueness to the fullest extent. The workshop takes place in the exhibition space of an art gallery, so many of the issues and exercises in the course will specifically utilize the space and resources of the exhibition to form a unique and effective interaction.

“Trigger” is not a workshop for general education in performance art; it is intended for those seriously interested in pursuing artistic creation. In the face of art, everyone is a peer, and we look forward to shared gains.

The workshop will progress through three stages:

Discussion Discussions will run throughout the course, combining the specific content of the course and the works observed to engage in dialogues on various topics related to performance art, deepening theoretical understanding. The discussions aim to clarify and reinforce each individual’s judgment, self-awareness, and cognition.
Practical Exercises The core of the workshop is for participants to engage physically. Exercises begin with understanding of mind and body, progressing from easy to difficult, covering individual expression, interactive collaboration, understanding and use of temporal and spatial elements, and intervention in public spaces (a focus of this workshop), and the method of working from practice to creation, among other aspects, with practical application combined with homework.
Closing Exhibition The exhibition will showcase the individual performance pieces of the participants, which is crucial for elevating the gains from the exercises to a creative standard and comprehensively mastering all aspects of conceiving, preparing, and implementing a piece.


–Zhou Bin