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“Special Guide: Follow Sister Fu to the Exhibition”

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    Fu Xiaogang


“Special Guide” is a permanent public program at the A4 Art Museum, distinct from conventional guided tours. It grants all participants the right to share and express art.

Each session features a “special” guest from various fields, who integrates their experiences and knowledge into the guide, fostering understanding through practice and perception through sharing. This transforms viewing exhibitions into a multi-dimensional intellectual engagement.

This session of “Special Guide” welcomes a remarkably talented slash woman — Sister Fu. Her identities include, but are not limited to, a lifestyle aesthete, philanthropist, indefatigable organizer of learning initiatives, partner at Flora M, leader of the Shu Lion Art Troupe, and a speaker at TEDx Beijing 798Factory in 2018.

  • Guest Introduction

    Sister Fu, who is 65 years old, worked at China National Petroleum Corporation in her early years, serving as a geological team member and HR professional. In the early 1990s, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, focusing on industries such as advertising, cultural exchange, and exhibition organization.

    After retiring, Sister Fu reimagined her remaining years, embracing a life philosophy that “being interesting is more important than being meaningful.” She engages in reading, traveling, enjoying gourmet food, and actively participating in planning and implementing cultural and artistic public projects. She hosts various forums and book signings, serves as a guest speaker on diverse topics, and is a guide for NTLive and the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, as well as a co-curator. She is involved in public welfare activities related to lifestyle aesthetics, death education, and rural education poverty alleviation. In 2021, she was honored as the Aesthetic Ambassador of the Year for China by Paris MO, and the “Lighthouse Plan,” a public welfare project she co-initiated, received the Outstanding Service Project Award from the China Lions Association in 2022.

    Sister Fu is endlessly curious about the world and continually explores the possibilities of life. She cherishes life in the present, advocates for lifelong learning and continuous growth, and enjoys sharing her expressions. She hopes to influence and warm those around her with her passionate love for life and living.