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Special Guided Tour: “Mustard Seed in the Universe”, Automata Mechanical Device Workshop

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    Gu Dian


Artist Giacometti always seeks to liberate painting from its conventional visual associations, aiming for novel and unfamiliar experiences. Phenomenology in art opens up new perspectives on discussing “independent parts” without explicitly showing viewpoints, suggesting that experiencing art goes beyond mere visual encounters. Perhaps enlightenment in Zen and the mundane world are two sides of the same coin, much like pondering over which is more all-encompassing: a mustard seed or Mount Sumeru. Everything within reach in our daily lives seems to be able to relate to exhibitions, where small things reflect larger ideas.

In exhibitions, we experience the dual qualities of sculpture and painting: instantaneousness and eternity. The artist captures moments in the painting, where the medium and creative thoughts intertwine to freeze the ephemeral flashes of inspiration. Once the artwork is completed, its solid materiality preserves the artist’s inspiration and skill, becoming a vessel for their thoughts. When the work is displayed in the exhibition hall, it interacts with different viewers, potentially sparking interesting new interpretations.

Against the backdrop of artificial intelligence like ChatGPT bringing new possibilities to various industries in the New Year, artist Classical proposes using the unique medium of “mechanical transmission devices” to create together with the audience. The aim is to lead participants in creating MINIAUTOMATA works using simple materials and easy-to-master transmission mechanisms, traversing the exhibition hall, and crafting a completely new mode of exhibition experience based on the artists’ works in the exhibition. Starting from automata, participants will engage in hands-on creation, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary through their own efforts.

Automata (mechanical devices) will be our new creation during the exhibition period. Just like the name of the exhibition, “Incredible Actions,” every casual idea is worth recording and preserving. “Mustard seed and Mount Sumeru, I alone know.” Hopefully, this self-creating device can become your inspiration catcher, perhaps bringing you joy and surprise beyond the ordinary.

  • Guest

    Gu Dian, a significant participant in the “Incredible Action” exhibition and was the A4 International Artist-in-Residence in 2021. His main areas of focus include sculpture, installations, and video art.