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“Special Guide: Fragment Theater – When Antiquities Meet Contemporary Art”

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“Special Guide” is a permanent public program at the A4 Art Museum, which diverges from traditional guided tours by empowering all participants to share and express their perspectives on art.

Each session features a “special” guest from a different field who infuses their own experiences and insights into the guide. This approach fosters understanding through practice and perception through sharing, transforming the viewing of exhibitions into a multidimensional intellectual exchange.

In this edition of “Special Guide,” ancient porcelain shards become a significant focal point. The curators from “Conscious Condensation” will lead audiences into a “Fragment Theater,” navigating different exhibition halls and spaces where ancient porcelain serves as the key to unlocking and reinterpreting artists’ works. In the workshop segment, “Conscious Condensation” explores the beauty of ancient porcelain from the historical and cultural perspectives of Chinese ceramics. Participants will engage with these porcelain pieces through creative processes such as grinding, cutting, and drilling, transforming them into everyday objects like incense holders, candlesticks, and jewelry. This session prompts us to ponder: What new life can emerge when ancient porcelain meets contemporary art?

  • Guest Introduction

    “Conscious Condensation Senderos” is an artistic lifestyle brand that originated from porcelain restoration. We believe that in today’s highly industrialized world, traditional crafts will still revive due to their irreplaceable spiritual essence. Just like how the “breaking” of vessels is not the end, but an undercurrent of vitality; the “repair” by hands is not merely restoration, but an act of creation and connection.