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Hi, Artist: Tetra Pak Line Etching Workshop


Etching is an important medium in James Jean’s creative process. Intaglio, one of the four major types of printmaking—intaglio, relief, planographic, and stencil—features detailed imagery and has always been favored by artists. However, the traditional use of metal plates in intaglio requires specialized printmaking equipment, techniques, and environments, which greatly limits its accessibility.

Through the exploration and practice with materials by printmaking artists, it has been discovered that everyday materials such as Tetra Pak cartons—commonly used for milk and juice—can be utilized for intaglio printing. These cartons can be cut into any shape and used with drypoint etching and ink wiping techniques to achieve the effects of intaglio printing. This method overcomes the difficulties of cutting metal plates and offers a richer artistic experience.

  • Guest

    Xiao Xiao, also known as Echo, is a printmaking artist and the founder of Relief Printmaking Studio.

  • Collaborative Creation

    Relief Printmaking Studio