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“Women’s Month Event | Tea Party for Mutual Assistance and Inquiry Among Female Friends”

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    14:00 - 17:00


Spring’s first festival is International Women’s Day. Leveraging this occasion, A4 Art Museum has invited 15 women from different industries, backgrounds, and ages as guests to join us for two tea parties this weekend. Starting from each individual’s real experiences, we would like to explore: Are “female traits” ingrained in DNA? In writing, creating, and navigating real workplaces, do these traits influence us or make us more unique? And in intimate relationships with mothers, partners, or female friends, how do we candidly be ourselves amidst the contrast with others?

In today’s atmosphere where feminist topics are penetrating our lives with irresistible force, we find that there’s still a need for practical pivots: dialogue, listening, broader connections, absorbing energy from more voices and perspectives, to bring a little strength to each “her.” We hope this tea party is just a beginning, a starting point that we’ll continuously return to.

Part I:

If there were another lifetime,

Would you still want to be a woman?

Do women inherently possess a certain feminine trait? If so, what kind of temperament is it? What’s the connection between this feminine trait and our professions?

Part II:

In intimate relationships,

How do we remain true to ourselves?

As daughters, wives, mothers… In these intimate relationships like mother-daughter and romantic partnerships, how do you understand yourself? How do you be yourself? How do you love yourself?

  • Guests Introductions

    3.9 Tea Party Guests:

    Fu Xiaogang: After retiring, she re-planned her life, embracing a lifestyle where “being interesting is more important than being meaningful.”
    Roland: Founder of LANART GALLERY, a well-known curator, initiator of the “FFA Youth Program” discovering future stars, President of LuxeLake Art Association, initiator of LuxeLake Art Troupe, and Chairman of LuxeLake Community Development Foundation.
    Ruwen & Yuman: Principals of VOIMENT, lingerie designers graduated from the University of the Arts London.
    Sun Li: Director of A4 Art Museum, cultural strategist.
    Sisi: Independent musician, lyricist, band vocalist, host of the New Youth Companion, former radio host.
    She Ge: Fashion enthusiast, focuses on fashion and enjoys gossip.
    Tang Wenting: Leader of Tianzi National Orchestra, Director of the Pipa Branch of the Chinese Musicians Association, President of LuxeLake Elegant Gathering, and Director of LuxeLake Art Troupe.
    MC | Zoe: Brand Manager of A4 Art Museum, someone who enjoys conversations.

    3.10 Tea Party Guests:

    Cheng Ai: Ph.D. student in architecture at Politecnico di Milano, editor-in-chief of “1314” magazine, founder of Ai Ji ART.
    Cai Liyuan: A cultural worker starting anew, Art Director of A4 Residency Art Center, curator at A4 Art Museum.
    Luo Ernan: Switching effortlessly between roles as a teacher, lawyer, wife, and mother, now hoping to be a humble student in the fields of AI and art appreciation.
    Sun Li: Director of A4 Art Museum, cultural strategist.
    Shu: Owner of Bai Zhu Shop, mother of 9 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 human child.
    Wang Yalei: Artist, part of the A4 Art Museum team.
    Zhou Hehe: An artist passionate about cultural exchanges in music from various countries.
    Zhan Qiuyun: A tai chi enthusiast venturing into another track in life.
    MC | Dong Keke: A newcomer in the workplace and at A4 Art Museum.