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Criticism of Criticism: A Research Methodology and Case Study on Chinese Art Criticism in the 20th Century

  • Lecturer:
    Ding Lanxiang


The traditional approach to criticism research often focuses on the compilation of critical history and the logical construction of critical theory. However, “criticism of criticism,” also known as “meta-criticism,” strives to treat criticism as an independent discipline and conduct fundamental research on it. This involves exploring the types of criticism, methods of criticism, subjects of criticism, the inherent forms of criticism, as well as its shaping within the context of social history, culture, and ideology. This lecture will begin with a traditional approach to criticism research, elucidating the significant value of “criticism of criticism” as a methodology for criticism research. It will enumerate its problem perspectives and, in conjunction with Chinese art criticism in the 20th century, briefly outline the application of “criticism of criticism” in specific research.

  • Ding Lanxiang

    Associate Research Curator at Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum and adjunct associate researcher at the School of Art and Humanities at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, she specializes in the research and curatorial work of Chinese art in the 20th century. She has published over twenty academic papers in journals such as “Literary and Art Research,” “Art Research,” “Literary Theory and Criticism,” “Journal of Fine Arts,” and “Art Observation.” Her curated exhibitions have received the excellent project award from the National Museum Collection Fine Art Exhibition Season organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism six times.