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The Scene of Behaviors in Progress (Part Two) |《5X4.4X2.4》

  • Date
  • Time
    Starts at 11:00
  • Location
    Third-floor exhibition hall of A4 Art Museum
  • Artist


Title: “5X4.4X2.4”


Project Description: The dimensions of 5×4.4×2.4 form the legally minimal scale of living space. The artist will start painting from the edge of this space and continue inward until it becomes a corner that restricts the artist’s own actions. Then, the artist can only live in this confined corner for several hours until the entire painted area is completely dry. Only then can the artist leave the space without damaging the painted area. At this point, the action concludes.

  • Artist Introduction

    QIANGMI, born in 1993 in Guizhou, currently adopts a creative lifestyle, serving as a practitioner who perceives and creates, navigating between nature and the city. His creative mediums primarily include installations, performances, events, and imagery. He often explores the division, playfulness, and severity of the subjective and objective spiritual reality within individuals and groups, as well as within space and time.