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A4 Art Museum 15th Anniversary Documentary Exhibition

2023.08.19 - 2024.01.31
  • Organizer:
    A4 Art Museum
  • Venue:
    4th Floor of A4 Art Museum

Exhibition information

Over the course of fifteen years, the A4 Art Museum has undergone a journey of growth, similar to many first-generation private art institutions, exploring, experimenting, and maturing within the constraints of a limited artistic ecosystem. A4 has evolved from an art center into a museum. It has transformed from a platform that focused on local integration and international engagement, constantly broadening its horizons, to gradually engaging with the public, developing public education, integrating into the community, and connecting with a broader community of creators. A4 has shifted its focus from questioning what art is and what contemporary art means to reflecting on the essence of art, becoming a practitioner of a new art museum that explores the connections between people and art.

On the occasion of A4’s fifteenth anniversary, we look back at every turning point and choice made in the past. On one hand, we hope to present a unique perspective and historical aspect of the development of this privately-owned non-profit art institution in Southwest China during this era. On the other hand, we also aim to provide society with a new path for reflection – as urban development and the construction of art museums become a trend, how do we consider the industry’s and scale’s growth while reflecting on our own social roles and ecological positions? How can we position ourselves in the real context, pay attention to specific individuals, break through the boundaries of art, encourage more diverse groups to participate in creation and expression, and integrate into a more complex social context and everyday scenes, coexisting and co-building a sustainable “open-source community” that encompasses broader artistic exploration, cross-disciplinary practice, socialized learning, and public co-creation?

We hope that the experiences of A4 can inspire more cultural and art professionals to break down their barriers and engage in actions that stimulate creativity and intellectual dialogue.

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