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iSTART Children’s Art Festival

“Kick Start” Children’s Art Exhibition

2020.09.26 - 2020.12.06
  • Artistic Director:
    Sunny Sun
  • Curator:
    Li Jie

Exhibition information

The 2020 iSTART Children’s Art Exhibition, entitled “Kick Start,” is a continuation of the 2019 edition’s theme of “Goodbye School, Hello School.” In addition to child-focused art education and co-creation programs, this exhibition will highlight how children expand the horizons of both the families and schools that nurture them through broader social engagement, bringing more resources into their observations, creations, and actions.

A4 Art Museum provides an exhibition platform for children’s artwork. Through project-based-learning (PBL) programs such as the Little Curators, Little Artists, Museum-School Collaborations, and Special Co-Creative Projects, the museum continues to nourish young people as they participate in curatorial and artistic practice. This year, the children will launch nearly one hundred art projects on the iSTART platform, focused on subjects including global challenges to youth during the pandemic, children friendly schools, growing up with the internet, protecting the environment, protecting animals, and education at home. These fresh and reflective projects show us the infinite possibilities of children in action.

We are also happy to see that children and the people who support them have grown immensely through creating together. “WOW CROW” explores the global challenges confronting young people. “A Variation on the Environment” comes from an environmental protection project created by neighborhood children. “Do it for Paw Friends” is a project about caring for the welfare of dogs and cats in the city. “Happy School & Game School” is a collaboration between the museum and schools. “My Graduation Book” contains realizations about life. “Crazy Plaza Project” focuses on children’s understanding of public space. “Garden of Questions” sources questions from families. The “New Generation” works reflect on the predicaments faced by young people online. These projects showcase the creative energies of even more children. Their courage, wisdom, and hard work are like seeds planted in society; through their small voices, ideas, and actions, they can change the present and the future.

Installation Views