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iSTART Children’s Art Festival

7th iSTART Children’s Art Festival: 1001 Game School

2021.08.08 - 2021.10.24
  • Artistic Director:
    Sunny Sun
  • Curator:
    Li Jie
  • Exhibition Design:

Exhibition information

the value that games can have for how children and adults create, learn, and connect. The festival is comprised of themed sections, special programs, and forums, planned by dozens of young curators and section curators and realized by more than one thousand young artists and co-creators. In contrast to past editions, in which the artist-led exhibitions and the child-led exhibitions were shown in parallel, the themed exhibition in this edition of iSTART will present a world created through deep collaboration between artists and children, offering a co-creative project around art, gaming, and education to more children and adults. A4 Art Museum wanted a more open and innovative way to rethink and advance game-making ideas and actions by children, adults, families, schools, and a wider audience.

Installation Views