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Southwestern Art Ecology

Loop—Photography and Video Experiments in Southwestern China since 2000

2017.12.23 - 2018.03.17
  • Artistic Director:
    RongRong, Sunny Sun
  • Co-curatorial:
    Li Jie, Cai Liyuan
  • Academic Support:
    Bas Vroege, Cai Meng, Duan Yuting, He Yining, Jean Mathieu Martini, Liu Jie, Lan Qingwei, Ng Hon Lam, Yi Hong, Zhong Weixing
  • Artists:
    A Dou, Chen Xiaoyi, Feng Li, Luo Dan, Li Chenchi, Li Lang, Li Jun, Mu Ge, Zhang Jin, Zhang Kechun, Zhang Xiao
  • Organizer:
    LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum

Exhibition information

A circuit can be understood as a closed loop of thinking, as well as a sustainable process of action. The exhibition attempts to organize the spot-like experiments of some image artists living in the southwestern region into a continuous thread, presenting a slice of time through the exhibition and raising multifaceted questions about what photography is and how to activate the image production mechanism. The circuit is not just a retrospective of the southwestern image experiment; it also covers the exploration and discussion of the soil and mechanism that inspired these image artists’ practices. The continuous practice of artists enables us to understand the relationships between artists and their works, the times, objects, and the image itself from more dimensions. This is not only a retrospection, but also a prospect gained through the courage of trial and error, as well as a starting point for future creative turns.



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