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International ProjectArtist Case Study


2020.06.06 - 2020.09.06
  • Artistic Director:
    Sunny Sun
  • Curator:
    Li Jie, Cai Liyuan
  • Artist:
    Wang Yuyang
  • Organizer:
    LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum

Exhibition information

Beginning with just one logical thread and attempting to talk through these issues using finite space and language is not easy. Light and digital logic are just a few parts of Wang Yuyang’s work. However, he has not prioritized the unique features of his works, as we had originally surmised; instead, he has interestingly described to us the scientific fields that have always interested him. The double-slit experiment is a very basic and relatively famous experiment in quantum mechanics, then there are the more advanced quantum eraser and delayed-choice experiments. They are mysterious and fascinating, and an important reason why they are so interesting lies in the relationship between people’s consciousness and materials—one of the ultimate questions about the world. An artist like Wang Yuyang explores the relationships between humans and objects, between the world and humans, and between humans and non-humans, expanding the interface with this question to the origins of society. He attenuates and even removes political and ethnic norms, and he attempts to respond to our way of looking at the universe and the meaning of existence. The universal existential and operational mechanisms discussed and explained in scientific experiments are a backdrop to the works and a source of inspiration. Right now, he is innocently pursuing his goal, like those people thousands of years ago who strode bravely onward when confronted with the unknown and mysterious, responding with painting and sculpture, logic and faith, wisdom and judgment.

Installation Views