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Zhang Zhanzhan’s Solo Exhibition —— You Are Always on My Mind

2023.12.10 - 2024.03.10
  • Curator:
    Serena Zhao
  • Artistic Director:
    Liu Zizhou
  • Artist:
    Zhang Zhanzhan
  • Venue:
    A4X ART CENTER, Luxelakes, Chengdu

Exhibition information

“Missing” is often the most fervent, but most secretive emotion in people’s hearts, whether it is for the company of loved ones growing up at home, or for friends who have not been seen for a long time, or for the love of people who belong to each other in two places …… or for the creative inspiration, just as artists do. In moments when our hearts are tied to something, we will inevitably have the urge to express our strongest thoughts.


On December 10th, 2023, popular artist Zhang Zhanzhan’s new solo exhibition “You Are Always on My Mind” opened at A4X Art Center in Chengdu.


The exhibition presents the artist’s works in 2023 in a more complete way, from large-scale sculptures, easel paintings, paper paintings, video works to outdoor public art installations, with more than 60 new works in total, including 6-meter-high super-large sculptures made of new woven materials, joint-named paintings with the Smurfs, and special works of the A4X Art Center, etc. The exhibition is also inspired by the artist’s memories of his youthful excursions, creating a new immersive space.


The whole experience of the exhibition is very different from the past. Unlike the cute and healing PUPU Bear and YOYO Rabbit, which are the artist’s well-known works in the past, this time, Zhang Zhanzhan brings you more memory points from his childhood heart, which is more able to hit the deepest part of people’s softest and most sensitive heart.