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“Symphonic Dream”

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This book, photographed during the summer of 2022, spans three months. Artist Sun Yibing visited three main areas of the LuxeHills and LuxeLake communities in the course of his residency: the lake area and park area of LuxeLake, as well as LuxeHills community. He conducted interviews with 15 residents and staff of LuxeLake and conducted in-depth visits and photography sessions with 6 residents. The content covers the architectural planning, ecological governance, innovative community governance framework, residents’ lives, and the relationship between residents and the LuxeLake community. The aim is to present a different perspective of the LuxeLake new community by focusing on more overlooked or hidden aspects.

Those aspects that are often overlooked or shielded in daily routines gradually emerge through the artist’s eyes and lens. The LuxeLake captured by Sun Yibing is enveloped in fantasy and poetry, while the rational lines, softened but still resolute, point steadfastly towards their intended destination. Just as the title of this book, “Symphonic Dream,” suggests, the people, nature, and mechanisms here seek a balance between emotion and reason within the strict formality, harmoniously orchestrating the movements of the “dream.”