New Year Adventure 2024.1.20-3.10

As the twelfth month arrives, the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year fills the air! In conjunction with the “Chengdu” exhibition showcasing nostalgic memories, A4 Art Store collaborates with illustrator Wu Ruoyao to present illustrations depicting scenes of New Year customs in old Chengdu from 30 years ago under the theme “Spring Festival Melee.”

Monks on stilts with pockets filled with candies and peanuts;
Temple fairs bustling with pedestrians, shoulder to shoulder, jostling through the crowds;
Dragon dance performances surrounded by spectators…

As the New Year approaches, A4 Art Store specially exhibits illustrations themed “Spring Festival Carnival,” inviting everyone to reminisce about the fragmented memories of the older generation during the New Year—worshipping the God of Wealth, slaughtering the New Year pig, dragon dances, temple blessings… Each era’s Spring Festival holds its unique memories, yet the rituals of pasting window flowers, visiting relatives and friends, and stocking up on New Year goods remain unchanged. A4 Art Store welcomes everyone to step into our space, to reminisce about the flavors of the past, unlock interesting New Year goods, and receive blessings for the coming Spring.

Moment In Senderos 2023.12.15-2024.1.15

“Consciousness Condensed Senderos” is an artistic lifestyle brand that originates from the restoration of porcelain. On December 15, 2023, A4 Art Store collaborated with the brand on a themed pop-up event titled “Consciousness Condensed,” showcasing a collection of creatively transformed products, antique Guan kiln utensils, ancient wine vessels, porcelain incense holders, and other representative items. We believe that in today’s highly industrialized world, traditional craftsmanship will rejuvenate itself due to its irreplaceable spirituality. Just as the “breakage” of utensils does not signify an end but rather an undercurrent of vitality, and the “restoration” of hands does not entail mere recovery but rather creation and connection.

Starting from the restoration of porcelain, we breathe new life into objects through secondary creation, transforming them into porcelain cultural handicrafts with unique ornamental and artistic value.

In the Chengdu dialect, “meaning” and “consciousness” share the same pronunciation. At A4, we present some fun and interesting objects that encapsulate the spirit and concept of condensed consciousness, adding a playful twist to classic ideas.

"Let There Be Light": Too Simple Comic Series Exhibition 2023.9.29-11.12

A4 Art Store, in collaboration with design studio Homework, is pleased to present the comic series exhibition “Let There Be Light” by cartoonist Tee Tee, featuring the “Too Simple” series.

“Too Simple” revolves around the stories of two individuals who, as the main characters in this comic series, narrate one seemingly simple yet wondrous tale after another. In this exhibition, the “two individuals” and “light” become companions, collectively pondering the philosophical reflections inherent in daily life through conversations, movements, or silent contemplation.

The exhibition showcases Tee Tee’s “Too Simple” series, including the newly themed comic “Let There Be Light,” interactive installations, an original comic book titled “talk to strangers,” lenticular prints, and limited edition exhibition merchandise. Additionally, during the exhibition period, there will be a special stop-motion animation workshop organized by Homework.

"The Loop: Street Exhibition of Endless Circulation" 2023.5.27-6.25

“The Loop: Street Exhibition of Endless Circulation” is a collaborative project initiated by A4 Art Gallery Art Store and design studio Homework focusing on “everyday images”. We aim to convey the various dimensions of artistic engagement through a simple and relaxed presentation style.

Invited by the L’EST project, “The Loop: Street Exhibition of Endless Circulation” street exhibition will land in the public toilets and streets of Dongshun South Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu on May 27th. At the same time, based on the public submissions collected for the project, A4 Art Store and the environmental brand BambooComet have specially collaborated to produce an art co-branded environmental paper set. We hope to extract unique and interesting expressions from the rich everyday images together with everyone through the carrier of daily products, and collectively interpret the “way of circulation” in daily necessities.