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Republic of GaGa Universe

2023 GaGa In Crisis

GaGa In Crisis marks the beginning of the image era in GaGa.
“Republic of GaGa Universe has encountered a crisis.” This year’s project started with this sentence. What is the crisis? Different children give different answers. The disappearance of fins, water depletion, and national bankruptcy all sound like big problems that even adults may find difficult to solve. What do children think? When we heard them excitedly and somewhat shyly telling stories in their minds, surprises filled our hearts. These stories have both classic Western fairy tale patterns, interpretations of the relationship between humans and gods in Eastern mythology, and the shadow of Hollywood adventure films.
We were surprised by the meticulous story structure of the children, and we also saw the courage, wisdom, honesty, friendship, and reconciliation hidden in their stories of solving these crises… The three directors formed their own production team in the form of workshops to produce stop motion animations, from story organization, prop making, scene drawing to filming and dubbing, all of which were collaboratively completed by the team members, This is not the continuation of those valuable qualities from the story to reality.

2022 GaGa Ethnic History

Republic of GaGa Universe was secretly established by three children eight years ago and made its debut at iSTART in 2017 through the collaboration of 150 children. The owner of “Republic of GaGa Universe” is a duck like “ga ga”; It has a brilliant civilization and a long history, and like other countries on Earth, it has its own flag, national anthem, map, laws, customs, clothing, and food culture
In the 2022 National History of GaGa, more historical customs related to GaGa will be revealed. The audience can follow in the footsteps of the “GaGa anthropologist – Arnoniagalai” and enter his special research on the “Republic of GaGa Universe”: where did the first GaGa come from? What kind of myths and legends does GaGa have? What important historical periods did Republic of GaGa Universe go through? What kind of life traces have been left behind in each period? Why are there high-level and low-level societies in the GaGa Congress.

2021 Metaverse and Digital World

Have you ever thought about building a brand new planetary civilization in the world of gaming? Since the 2017 GaGa Universe Republic, iSTART has been paying special attention to the “metaverse” constructed by different groups of children. They will have unique insights into the real world and create new civilizations and nations through their imagination. However, due to the limited presentation of text and painting, we can only speculate about their world in two-dimensional space. In the 2021 “Game School”, we collaborated with the Roblox platform to welcome the return of the “Republic of GAGA Universe” project in the 3D digital world. We also helped children from different schools to achieve several parallel game worlds through the game platform, establish their own virtual kingdoms, and allow more people to directly enter the children’s fantasy country through game characters on site and online to adventure, To feel the depth of their imagination. As citizens of the digital world, programming is no longer the exclusive skill of programmers. More and more people are using graphical programming tools to explore and change their lives. In the world co creation community, children also use programming to create their own games. Here, we will enter the programming game Time Machine together, go back to the past, and see what the earliest programming games were like; We will also experience programming games independently created by children together, and learn about the game creation stories of the creators. Of course, creating a fun and interesting programming game is not that simple! In the game incubator, we will reveal the creative process of programming games for you, taking you to deeply experience the birth and iteration of games from 0 to 1.

2017 Republic of GaGa Universe Roaming Guide

The idea of Republic of GaGa Universe comes from two students in our growing creative class-Su Tianyi and Zhao Yue, and their classmate Liu Xingyuan. When I got their GaGa book, I was completely shocked by these children.
They not only created the name of a country, but also included everything from the national flag, national anthem and maps to laws, customs, costumes and even food, just like a real country.
Opening this book is really like walking into a wonderful country. Republic of GaGa Universe is like a fun game, and children can have fun, but it is also a sacred and solemn task. Every child is the creator and can create his own world, but you will find that they don’t just say what they think. Every idea, every design, every comment, they are so serious to complete, for fear that because of their own negligence, they will destroy the country created by everyone.
Republic of GaGa Universe is like a beautiful dream, but it is not illusory. It is a GaGa dream that everyone can realize. Wish every child a happy dream!