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Family Art Museum Plan

2023 Family Art Museum Plan

The Family Art Museum Program – Community Space: In this Family Art Museum unit, 300 families from 31 art education institutions across the country participated in this Children’s Art Festival. The Family Art Museum advocates the concept of “everyone is an artist, every family is an art museum”.
The exhibition area is divided into two parts, internal and external. Within the space, most of the works revolve around family issues, such as the story of parent-child companionship and the brochure of the small curator of the Family Art Museum. On the outskirts of the space, there are public art works created by teachers leading children in their residential communities, including paintings and installations, all of which are placed in public spaces where people come and go
Through the practice of family art education from the inside out, teachers, children, and parents have rediscovered their own family and the sense of beauty and meaning around them in artistic creation. Public art works have influenced and changed our family space and the surrounding community environment, allowing residents in the community to feel the warmth from children’s art works, as well as the support and encouragement from parents and teachers behind them.

2022 Family Art Museum Plan

The Family Art Museum Project is an open container that explores children’s agency, autonomous expression, and artistic creativity in family issues, private spaces, parent-child relationships, and memories of family objects. The cooperation between this plan and the art museum aims to provide a platform and outlet for participating children, families, and teachers to express their art, bringing together artworks and creative thinking, and speaking out to society in the form of an exhibition. In the era after the “double reduction”, rooted in the family through aesthetic education, using artistic creation to link individual children, family members, teachers, family history and objects; enable teachers and parents to grow and shape children’s future through art education that is full of possibilities.
Family Art Museum aims to connect art museums, art education teachers, parents, and children through family art education. The exhibition site will showcase the collaboration of over 200 families, 28 art education institutions, and kindergarten teachers from both domestic and international sources, showcasing an independent family art museum that gathers into a “big family”. By simulating different family spaces, the exhibition will allow the audience to reflect on the potential for family expansion beyond life, such as parent-child communication, common growth, and the creation of beauty.