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MWML Game Newsroom

2023 MWML Game Newsroom

The editorial department is like a river in the eyes of children, flowing from the tears of human birth, accompanied by a constant stream of inspiration. The editor is searching for fun humans in “strolling around”, exploring the potential of fun humans in “chattering”, and using the editor’s pen to pry the entire earth. The game editing department is a workshop for children to connect with fun humans, and an incubation park for children to become fun humans.
The game editing department has been growing at iSTART Children’s Art Exhibition for three years, creating a safe and free creative expression platform for children through child autonomy: attracting thoughtful children, supporting their growth in real situations, and building ways for children to connect with the world.

2022 Play Boom Game Newsroom

PLAY! BOOM! The editorial department project is an upgraded version of the “No More Plays” editorial department in 2021, and it continues to grow up at the iSTART Children’s Art Exhibition. A group of editors with an average age of 7.5 years old from all over the country played together, communicated with each other, and jointly conceived and created a “central brain” device through online and offline workshops. Children attempt to explore a central brain from their own perspective that can make the entire exhibition flow, serving as an energy supply station for every game designer or gamer. Time is gamified here, which can be accelerated, slowed down, or paused; Creativity accelerates here and can be produced like popcorn; The game is interactive here and can be opened at any time along with the task list. The brand new editorial department newspaper, game task book, and game anchor show have brought explosive growth to games and creativity.
The “Central Brain” is also the “Novice Village” service desk for this exhibition. Visitors can meet different NPCs at the service desk and collect the exhibition hall’s guide page and “Game Treasure Map” at the front service desk to start playing in the exhibition hall; You can also receive the latest publication from the editorial department, PLAY! BOOM!, which records children’s creative ideas on the side; The back of the service desk is a place for viewers to redeem limited card rewards and obtain game personality judgments after completing the game.

2021 MWML Game School Newsroom

The “No Play No More” game school editorial department project lasted for three months, starting from nationwide recruitment and experiencing an open editorial co creation journey. Co creators aged 6-18 from across the country formed the “No Play, No Need Game Editorial Department” and together completed the challenge of founding “No Play, No Need Game” through PlayING. They expressed their unique ideas and ways of seeing the world in a newspaper. This editorial department, with an average age of 7.5 years old, uses the most childish language to attract people of all ages to break through stereotypes and regain the joy of playing. The roles in the editorial department are diverse – imaginative editors, war reporters, chatter commentators, mystery editors, skilled painters, and advertising experts. They engaged in intense ideological collisions both online and offline, producing a total of 5 columns. Finally, with an imaginative tone and column combination, a relay game of “no play no play” for children’s fun was formed. This unique “No More Plays” newspaper is definitely made by children.