A4 Kids is a platform dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity, focusing on providing socialized education that fosters creativity for more children. With “art,” “education,” “engagement,” and “ecology” as its core methods, A4 Kids aims to promote the comprehensive growth and development of children, activate an educational ecosystem oriented towards the future, and enhance societal attention to children’s development.

Among its initiatives, the iSTART Children’s Art Festival is a significant annual project. Successfully held for nine editions, its core principle is to collaborate with children to create a creative and diverse world from their perspective. Every year, A4 Kids collaborates with a wide range of schools, families, communities, and partners in public welfare activities to build a sustainable artistic education ecosystem network. The festival has covered 34 cities in 23 provinces across seven countries, involving over 15,000 young artists. Collaborating with over 1,000 education practitioners, artists, experts, scholars, and interdisciplinary workers worldwide, A4 Kids has developed hundreds of participatory art education projects, transforming the public from mere participants in art galleries to creators themselves.