Option 17

Art Exhibition, Workshop, Art Salon, Cooking Good Food, CraftPop-up Show,Community Public Installation

Basic profile

Option 17e.V was established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2019 as a registered art and curatorial association. lts aim is to bring to gather individuals from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds to promote art and culture. We strive to integrate new exhibition formats. Ranging from architecture, art, and design to culinary arts, through various media and fields. We regularly organize art exhibitions and public cultural events in both Frankfurt and Chengdu.

Yu Song

Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Basic profile

Yu Song, novelist, playwright, poet, lives in Chengdu, flexibly employed, has published full-length novels “Hometown”, “Customized Times”, “The Rice Shrine”, and “Botanical Man”, and has performed plays such as “The Righteous Chaperone” and “The Ordeal”.