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“Special Guided Tour: A Dance with Fluid Bodies”

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    Zhang Liao


When individuals find themselves stuck in a quagmire, both body and soul feel bound. The ups and downs of academics, changes in emotions, fatigue from work… All the uncertainties of life can tie us down, making our breaths shallow. In this springtime, we strive to find an outlet, letting emotions dance with our bodies and gently carried away by the wind. The trivialities of life accumulate into the past, sketching the outline of tomorrow.

Would you like to have a springtime rendezvous at the art museum? “Extraordinary Guided Tour: A Dance with Fluid Bodies” awaits your participation. The creative process and spontaneous movements themselves can promote new experiences at various levels such as individual physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive, and interpersonal realms.

  • Event Introduction

    Dance is one of the most concise and eco-friendly forms of artistic expression imaginable. It doesn’t face the depletion of materials, nor does it require any resources or conditions. Because dance resides within everyone’s body, anyone can dance. As long as you’re still breathing, your life is in motion. Just as our guide for this extraordinary tour, dance therapist Zhang Qiao, firmly believes, “It’s not that you choose to become a therapist, but rather you’re born a therapist, and you just happen to discover it at the right moment…”

    The body is the starting point of self-awareness and also the way we experience the world. The dance therapist will lead us into this exhibition through movement, connecting with each other in the dance of body and mind, becoming stronger together.

  • Special Guide

    Zhang Liao

    Dance therapist

    Principle of Luke Yuexin Dance Club