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iSTART Children’s Art Festival

The Parallel Exhibition of the 5th iSTART Children’s Art Festival:Goodbye School, Hello School

2019.08.17 - 2019.11.03
  • Artistic Director:
    Sunny Sun
  • Curator:
    Li Jie

Exhibition information

The “Goodbye School, Hello School” Children’s Art Exhibition returns to the daily setting of children’s lives – the school. It aims to encourage young curators and artists to reflect on and imagine their “school career” through various forms of expression such as design, painting, sculpture, installation, animation, and performance art, realized through research projects and PBL projects. Simultaneously, the Luhu Lake · A4 Art Museum, based on previous main exhibition venues, opens satellite venues to schools and urban spaces, aiming to enable more children to engage in practical actions of “educational reflection” and “reshaping the school” in their own environments.

The initial intention of the children’s art exhibition is to empower children through diverse artistic expressions. More and more children have gained confidence and improved their collaborative abilities through this. Moreover, their imaginations are not mere words on paper; their wisdom and incisiveness have influenced us through their works. Goodbye School is not just a farewell to the old educational system, and Hello School is not merely an imagination of new learning methods. But when the voices of more children are respected and heard, we are not far from change.

Installation Views