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A4 Archive Center is a non-profit organization initiated by A4 Art Museum. It was founded in 2021 under the leadership of museum director Sun Li in Chengdu to fill the gap of archive collection of Southwest art research and to provide academic support for A4 exhibitions and events.



A4 Archive Centre starts from the art in Southwest China and is dedicated to collecting and disseminating relevant documents and connecting prominent archive centers around the world. In the future, the Archive Centre will focus on the collection and evaluation of primary sources regarding Southwest art and A4 exhibitions as well as digitalizing its entire collections to create an academic platform for art research and public education.


What We Do
The A4 Documentation Center aims to provide a comprehensive platform for the public to understand contemporary art through its collection of documentation, academic activities, book publishing, and small exhibitions.


How We Do It
Adhering to the principles of professionalism and objectivity, we extensively collect art documentation from the southwestern region, including archives of artists, exhibitions, and artistic activities, art research books, exhibition catalogues, academic journals, and more.

Currently, the Documentation Center has accumulated over 2,500 types of art documentation, which includes over 2,200 books, more than 40 self-published works, and over 300 types of various archives, including over 200 types of A4-related archives. In the future, we plan to expand our collection targetedly and digitize our holdings comprehensively, striving to become a promoter and resource provider for artistic research in the southwest. We will actively collaborate with universities and documentation institutions, and simultaneously offer various activities for scholars, writers, art creators, and interested members of the public, including lecture forums, researcher residency programs, and new book launches.


Who We Are
The A4 Documentation Center is a non-profit documentation institution developed from the A4 Art Museum. Founded by Curator Sun Li in 2021, it aims to fill the gap in southwestern art research in terms of documentation while providing academic support for exhibitions and activities at the A4 Art Museum. The Documentation Center is currently operated and maintained by Wang Yalei and He Yuxuan. For more information about the A4 Documentation Center, please email us at The A4 Documentation Center looks forward to your visit!

  • Wang Yalei

    Director of A4 Document Center, former resident commentator at Chengdu Lele Art Communication Institution; responsible person for One Square Reading Public Welfare Library, host of One Square Lecture Hall; editor and journalist of “Art World” magazine; host of FM106.1 “New Art Salon” .


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