The A4X Art Center, which is part of the A4 Art Museum complex, was officially opened to the public in 2023. In the A4X Art Center, creativity in various fields generates connections across borders, bringing unlimited creative possibilities and imaginative expansions to diverse subjects such as culture and art, fashion and design.

The A4X Art Center is situated in the Chengdu Luhu Eco-city Art Exhibition Center, which was designed by architect Antoine Predock. Located near the lake, the Art Exhibition Center seamlessly blends with the distinct red sandstone landscape surrounding it, establishing a timeless connection between culture and nature and becoming a prominent landmark in Chengdu.

The A4X Art Center covers a total area of 3,500 square meters, with 1,200 square meters dedicated to exhibition halls that provide the necessary conditions for displaying and exhibiting large-scale artworks. In addition, there are public halls, negotiation areas, lecture halls, viewing terraces, and other public functional spaces available for hosting opening ceremonies, seminars, symposiums, salons, and other activities. The museum also includes a literature center, art store, and coffee shop.